Weapons Systems & Technology Directorate

ARDEC’s Weapon Systems and Technology Directorate manages and executes the technology base and life cycle engineering, production support, field support and industrial base for small, medium, large caliber indirect fire and advanced energy weapon systems (lethal and non-lethal), subsystems, associated equipment and training devices. Our mission items include the design and integration of Small, Medium, Large caliber weapon systems; gun mounts for Small, Medium and Large Indirect Fire Weapons. Design application of lightweight structures for weapons; vehicle/system integration of the following: 1) primary and secondary weapons, 2) armor appliqué, 3) remote weapons, ammunition handling & loading, laser ignition systems and gunner protection solutions. WS&T designs and integrates actuators, weapon and turret/platform actuator controls and electronics, automated ammunition handling and loading systems, laser ignition systems, High Power Microwave (HPM)/Radio Frequency (RF) Weapon systems and components, Laser Weapon Systems, Electro-Magnetic Gun Systems, and Non-Lethal Mechanisms and Systems for personnel and vehicles. WS&T employs a full range o design processes, tools, and equipment for production and field support of weapon systems.

WS&T strives to be the world leader in weapons engineering within our mission area and is proud of its accomplishments which include several Army Greatest Invention Awards.

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Core Technical Competencies

  • Advanced Energy Armaments Competencies:
    • System and sub-system electrical, mechanical and electro-mechanical design, modeling, simulation and analysis of advanced energy weapon systems.
    • Directed Energy (DE) Armament/Weapon design, testing, and analysis for weapon systems to include High Power Microwave / Radio Frequency, Lasers, High Voltage, and Acoustics.
    • Electro-Magnetic Gun Technology Maturation and Demonstration.
    • Electro-Magnetic Field propagation measurement, Modeling & Simulation, and analysis.
    • Non-Lethal incapacitation systems analysis and design for weapons and munitions.
    • Small, medium and large caliber automated Ammunition Handling concepting, design, analysis, prototyping, testing, and armaments integration.
  • Small and Medium Caliber Armaments Competencies:
    • System and sub-system electrical, mechanical and electro-mechanical design, modeling, simulation and analysis of manned, remote and robotic weapon systems.
    • Forensics Analysis of fielded system malfunctions.
    • Field Sustainment/Malfunction Investigations.
    • Live Fire Test and Evaluation.
    • Weapon/Vehicle Integration.
    • Vehicle & Ground Mounts.
    • TDP Certification.
    • Foreign Weapon Evaluation and Exploitation.
    • Technology Exploration/Exploitation.
  • Indirect Fire Armaments Systems Competencies:
    • System and sub-system electrical, mechanical and electro- mechanical design, modeling, simulation and analysis of Indirect fire armaments and their platforms.
    • Mechanical analysis including fatigue, fracture, thermal, wear and erosion.
    • Live Fire testing evaluation.
    • Laser ignition design, development & manufacturing.
    • Rapid/virtual reality prototyping, simulation and animation for armament system design analysis & development.
    • Electrical power charging, conditioning & distribution.
    • Armament drives, actuation & control.
    • Soil modeling.
    • Recoil Designs.
    • Munitions compatibility analyses with weapon platforms.
  • Indirect Fire Producibility and Sustainment Competencies:
    • Indirect Fire weapon systems modifications design, development and improvements.
    • Engineering Maintenance and Logistic Support Life Cycle configuration management waivers, deviations and engineering change proposals.
    • Engineering weapon system field support and failure analysis.
    • Full rate production engineering support and compliance management.
    • Spare part product management, acquisition and engineering support.
    • Field Sustainment and Malfunction Investigations.
    • Full life cycle Technical Data Package maintenance and Certification.
    • Indirect Fire simulation and live fire testing, planning, data management and test facility support.
    • Weapon system hydraulic and recoil engineering.
    • Foreign Weapon system evaluation and exploitation. 


  • Weapons Technical Support Laboratory
  • Armaments Technology Facility
  • M119 Digitization Laboratory
  • Indirect Fire Laboratory
  • Artillery Integration Facility
  • Mounted Mortar and Automation Laboratory
  • Directed Energy Laboratory
  • Medium Caliber Integration Lab
  • COL John M. McHugh Armament Integration Facility
    • Remote Weapons Laboratory
    • Simulated Weapon Environment Testbed (SWeET)
  • Production Integration Laboratory

WSEC Vision

Global provider of integrated effects delivered to dominate the battlefield and secure our homeland.

WSEC Mission

Provide innovative solutions and technologies to enable our defenders of freedom to decisively manage, control, and deliver desired effects to dominate the battlefield and secure the homeland.

WSEC Strategic Intent

WSEC is recognized as the preferred provider of innovative and reliable warfighter weapon system solutions and underlying business information systems. Our excellence in systems and software engineering, using mature processes and procedures (e.g. CMMI and ISO) span full lifecycle activities. WSEC consistently delivers timely products and solutions to customers within the Army, other Services, government agencies, and industry. WSEC forges strong alliances with strategic partners to conquer the execution of our mission and position ourselves ahead of emerging threats to enhance the warfighter advantage.