Fire Control Systems and Technology Directorate

The Fire Control Systems & Technology Directorate (FCSTD) is the Army’s lead for technical and programmatic life cycle engineering (research, development, manufacturing science and production, sustainment and field support) efforts for armament Fire Control Systems to include associated training and simulation, and automated test systems. FCSTD is a recognized DoD’s provider of fire control solutions and technologies to equip, modernize and sustain the Joint Forces. Assigned armament systems include those used for artillery, mortars, infantry/soldier-borne, combat vehicle, air defense and aircraft weapons systems; and off-carriage fire control instruments and sights and training devices. Associated fire control functionality covers the entire target engagement cycle to include target acquisition and tracking, target/environmental sensing, ballistic computation, gun/launcher/sight control and stabilization, munition initialization/tracking, and network communications; and include diagnostics, prognostics and training capabilities. The Directorate’s Automated Test Division functions as the TACOM ATS Center of Excellence (COE) to develop, field, and sustain Automatic Test System (ATS) products, including Test Program Sets (TPSs) in support of weapon systems for Army and DoD elements and provide associated engineering support. Our Firing Tables and Ballistics Division is assigned by the U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC) with the responsibility to characterize the ballistic performance of munitions and develop aiming data, ballistic fire control information and ballistics fire control software for all unguided and certain guided combat weapon systems in U.S. Army inventory, tri-service systems, and Foreign Military Sales cases. To insure that the organization is flexible and responsive to future demands and needs of internal and external customers, the Directorate uses innovative business practices and processes to include Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) Level 5 processes and procedures for its in-house fire control development efforts. We satisfy User needs in a timely manner and deliver cost effective fire control solutions by shaping our mission-focused core competencies with a highly educated and experienced workforce, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, and through use of effective and efficient operations and processes. We contribute to ARDEC’s enterprise culture by cultivating a positive workforce climate focused on mission accomplishment through cross-functional teaming.

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Core Technical Competencies

To accomplish, maintain, improve, and ensure the viability and continuity of the Army's weapons fire control technology core competency, the Directorate manages and develops skill sets for the following competencies:

  • Embedded/Real Time Software
  • Fire/Weapon Control Hardware
  • Fire/Weapon Control Hardware Integration
  • Fire Control Components
  • Ballistic Data and Products
  • Test Measurement Diagnostic Equipment (include ATS)
  • Prognostics / Diagnostics (to include sensors, electronics, algorithms, data storage and management)
  • Embedded Training (in the system)
  • Training Aids and Equipment
  • Virtual, Mixed, Immersive and Distributed Training


  • Advanced Concepts & Technology Demonstration (ACTD) Laboratory
  •  Automatic Test Equipment Laboratory
  • Collaboration Innovation Laboratory (CIL)
  • Combat Vehicle Diagnostics / Prognostics / Health Management Laboratory
  • Fire Control Integration Laboratory (FCIL) – Bldg A
  • Fire Control Integration Laboratory (FCIL) – Bldg B
  • Mortar Fire Control Systems Integration Laboratory (FCIL)
  • Optical Fire Control Laboratory
  • Optics Laboratory
  • Paladin Software Support Environment
  • Fire Control Fabrication, Assembly, & System/Vehicle Integration Facility
  • Towed Artillery Digitization (TAD) M777A2 and Digitized M119A2 Software Support Environment
  • Test Program Set (TPS) Laboratory Engineering Center

WSEC Vision

Global provider of integrated effects delivered to dominate the battlefield and secure our homeland.

WSEC Mission

Provide innovative solutions and technologies to enable our defenders of freedom to decisively manage, control, and deliver desired effects to dominate the battlefield and secure the homeland.

WSEC Strategic Intent

WSEC is recognized as the preferred provider of innovative and reliable warfighter weapon system solutions and underlying business information systems. Our excellence in systems and software engineering, using mature processes and procedures (e.g. CMMI and ISO) span full lifecycle activities. WSEC consistently delivers timely products and solutions to customers within the Army, other Services, government agencies, and industry. WSEC forges strong alliances with strategic partners to conquer the execution of our mission and position ourselves ahead of emerging threats to enhance the warfighter advantage.