Benét Laboratories

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Benét Laboratories is a Department of the Army research, development, and engineering facility. It is the U.S. Army’s design authority for large caliber armaments and safe life considerations. Benét is also responsible for the full life-cycle of mortars, tank guns, and artillery cannon for howitzers; provides tank turret support for ABRAMS and Crew Cooling for ABRAMS, Bradley and LAV combat vehicles; and provides support to the Army's industrial base at the Watervliet Arsenal.

A part of the Weapons & Software Engineering Center (WSEC), Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center (ARDEC), Benét is located at the historic Watervliet Arsenal in upstate New York. The co-location of Arsenal manufacturing and Benét Labs offers military and civilian business entities a one-stop shop for research, design, prototype development, full manufacturing, and long-term customer service.

Benét is ISO 9001 certified.

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Core Technical Competencies

  • Armament Design and Development
    • Armament Health Monitoring
    • Combat Vehicle Integration
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • Design and Development of Artillery Cannons, Mortars and Tank Guns
    • Direct and Indirect Fire Cannon Life Cycle Management
    • Dynamic Engineering Multimedia Analysis
    • Flexible Multi-body Dynamics Modeling and Controls
    • Large Caliber Direct Fire Systems Mount and Recoil
    • Mechanism Life Cycle Management
    • Simulation and Response Modeling
    • Technical Data Package Development
    • Test Planning
    • Test Support (On-site/Off-site)
  • Production Support and Field Sustainment
    • Advanced Heat Treat and Advanced Casting Techniques
    • Field Modifications
    • Field Wear and Erosion Surveys
    • Flow Form Technology
    • High-Performance Material Development, Testing and Characterization
    • Laser Enhanced Net Shape Manufacturing & Process Certifcation
    • Malfunction Investigations and Forensic Analysis
    • Materials and Manufacturing Production Support
    • Rapid Prototyping/Stereolithography
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Rotary Forging and Plating Technologies
    • Vehicle Turret Support and Sustainment
  • Science and Technology
    • Advanced Materials Research
    • Composite Design and Manufacturing
    • Fracture Analysis
    • Future Weapon Concepts
    • Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis
    • Safe Service Life and Fatigue Life Testing
    • Weapons Wear and Tribology
    • X-Ray Diffraction and Stress Analysis


  • Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing Facilities
  • Experimental Mechanics Laboratory
  • Gun Dynamics Laboratory
  • Laser & Optics Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Electrochemical Machining Laboratory
  • X-ray Laboratory
  • Advanced Composites Launcher Laboratory
  • Breech Fatigue Laboratory
  • Tube Fatigue Laboratory
  • Manufacturing Prototype Center
  • Corrosion Laboratory
  • Reverse Engineering Laboratory
  • Rapid Prototyping Laboratory
  • Materials Engineering Laboratory
  • Motion Base Simulator
  • Vehicle Integration Laboratory
  • Product Development Laboratory

WSEC Vision

Global provider of integrated effects delivered to dominate the battlefield and secure our homeland.

WSEC Mission

Provide innovative solutions and technologies to enable our defenders of freedom to decisively manage, control, and deliver desired effects to dominate the battlefield and secure the homeland.

WSEC Strategic Intent

WSEC is recognized as the preferred provider of innovative and reliable warfighter weapon system solutions and underlying business information systems. Our excellence in systems and software engineering, using mature processes and procedures (e.g. CMMI and ISO) span full lifecycle activities. WSEC consistently delivers timely products and solutions to customers within the Army, other Services, government agencies, and industry. WSEC forges strong alliances with strategic partners to conquer the execution of our mission and position ourselves ahead of emerging threats to enhance the warfighter advantage.